5 Good Reasons to Tour Africa

Reasons to Tour Africa

Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world, but you’ve probably already realised that if you’ve ever read about it or seen pictures. It’s full of rare, wild animals, ancient history, and sights that you just wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want an amazing adventure, then Africa is definitely the place to go. As if you need any more reason to visit Africa, but just incase, here are 5 more good reasons to tour Africa:

1. The Land is So Full of Diversity

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, and because of this it has a vast majority of divergent lands and cultures. Here you can find hot deserts, Savanna grasslands, magical rivers and waterfalls, coastlines, mountains to climb if you dare, and plenty of history to sink your teeth into. It’s a land full of mystery and wondrous things. You may associate Africa with hot weather, but you can actually go snow skiing in Morocco! There’s something in Africa for every kind of traveller and explorer.

2. You’ll Explore Many Different Cultures and Traditions

Each culture is different, with a variety of languages, food, and traditions. Interacting with different people and learning about how they live is very rewarding and will teach you so much. There are around 7000 tribes in Africa according to experts.

3. It’s Steeped in History

As you can imagine because of the sheer size of this place, Africa has much history to learn about. For each individual state or country, you can learn all about the struggle for democracy, as well as many other interesting things. Ethiopia for example, is considered the oldest country in Africa as well as a big coffee bean producer. Some people even believe that Africa is the place where life began! The oldest human fossils were found in this land, as recently as 2008.

4. The African Art

African art is very significant to our modern world. By taking a look at the Giza Plateau, you’ll see the evidence of incredible human strength. Plus, close to Cairo, you’ll find one of the seven ancient wonders (although it’s the only one left!). The Great Sphinx is also found here. Masks and statues can also be found, showing their commitment to Egyptian gods, goddesses, pharaohs, and more.

5. The Animals and Reserves

When people talk about Africa, they probably think about the wild animals first and foremost. Many animals are now protected in reserves, but tourists can venture out on safari and watch them in their natural habitats. This is an incredible experience for photographers of all experience levels. Africa tours are amazing and can take you all around the reserves if you wish. Zambia has the most natural parks, so head there if you want to see lots of wildlife. The area is absolutely stunning with animals, plants, birds, and other natural elements.

Now you can see exactly why explorers choose to visit Africa year after year, not only is it beautiful, it’s full of culture and history you simply don’t want to miss out!

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