A Guide To Hosting The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Best Bachelorette Party

It can be hard to know where to start when organising a bachelorette party, especially as there are so many people to please and things to think of. To help you organise the perfect bachelorette party we have put together a handy guide of our very best planning tips.

Choose the location

For many bachelorette parties, the location is the most important part. Before picking your ideal bachelorette location, talk to the bride-to-be and find out what she wants. Whilst you may be thinking of a relaxing spa mini-break, she may be yearning for a wild weekend in Vegas. Whatever you location you decided on, remember that a bachelorette is just an excuse to have some much needed pre-wedding girly fun. If you are planning on jetting off abroad, ensure that everyone has a valid passport, especially the bride.

What do you need to book?

If you are planning a sophisticated weekend at a spa, look into what extras they offer – champagne on tap perhaps? If you are planning a weekend away or a night out consider the hotel you will stay in and how you will get about – would hiring a limo make the night more memorable? If you are planning a weekend in New Jersey it might be worth looking into booking a limo. Limos in New Jersey can seem expensive, but you can book a cheap limo service NJ here if you do you research and have a look around first.

Who will you invite?

Choosing who to invite to the bachelorette can turn into a nightmare. The people you invite will most probably depend on the party’s theme and location. After all, you wouldn’t want to invite the bride’s 80-year-old grandmother to a wild night on the town, would you? If the bride-to-be wants a crazy night out but also wants to include her mother, grandmother and other slightly older relatives in her plans, then it may be a good idea to split the celebrations in half. Spend a relaxed day at the spa with the bride’s mother and grandmother, and hold a separate night out for the younger friends and family members.

In terms of guests, sit down with the bride-to-be and go through a list. If there is anyone on your guest list that she doesn’t want to come, or someone she wants to add, do as she says. It is her party after all.

Send out save-the-dates

For the date of the bachelorette choose a date that is at least one week before the wedding, never hold the party the night before the wedding as this is a recipe for total disaster. Plan well in advance so that as many people as possible can attend. No matter what, make sure that all of the bride’s best friends are there, if one of them can’t make the chosen date then change it, but do so before sending out save-the-dates.

Discuss the cost

Some people may not be able to afford to splash out on the bachelorette, so ensure you set a realistic budget. It is important to make the bride feel special, however if some of her best friends can’t afford to be there it won’t be the same for her. So check with everyone that they can afford the price, before making the booking.

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