How to find Your Passion and Life’s Work

find your passion

Have you ever been uncertain about what you want to do with your life? Maybe you have a career that you hate, or are unsure of what your career path you should be.

Perhaps you’ve found your passion but are unclear about how to turn it into a career.

There was a time that I was unsure of what my passion and my work should be.

how to stop looking and find your passionI wanted to find a career that I would love doing; something that would get me excited and would bring me joy and fulfillment.

I asked myself many times over, in a number of different ways the same question: “What should I do with my life?”

I know the answer to this question might be easy for many of you. There is even an old cliché which tells people “just do what you love.”

However, for me and many others finding our passion and defining it in a useful way is much more difficult than the questions imply.

I believe the reason many of us struggle with the answer to these questions is because of the way we are thinking about this issue.

Finding your life’s work or the job you’re passionate about is a subject that I think a majority of people misunderstand.

When asked this question most people think it means going out and finding a job that they would love to do.

People think of finding their passion as an activity that they perform and on the surface it might seem as if this is the case.

How To Find Your Passion
Unfortunately finding your passion isn’t simply one decision or an act of going out searching for that dream job you would love to have.

The reason people struggle to find their passion is because they don’t realize your passion and your life’s work need to come from within you.

Finding your passionate life’s work is about being in a position to use your talents to creatively expressing yourself though your work.

I believe you can be passionate about anything you do. Passion is a mindset, it’s knowing what you are good at and applying it to your everyday activities.

Finding your passionWriting is probably one of my least favorite things I do; it’s an activity I struggle with. Some might even say I hate writing. However, I love to teach and inspire people to become better.

By writing I’m able to creatively express myself and my ideas; writing is a tool that I use to help others and live my true passion.

The first two things I do every day when I wake up are two things I really don’t enjoy doing.

The first one is getting out of bed at 7am and the second thing I do before anything else is writing.

I do this because I know that my best work is done early in the morning, it’s when I feel the most creative.

However, even thou I’m not a morning person or a great writer, I’m excited to get out of bed early and surprisingly it takes very little effort. I actually find myself enjoying the writing process and it’s becoming easier.

Finding your passion is about leaning who you. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. What is it that you love about yourself and who you are? What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

When you learn and understand things about your personality and how you interact with your environment finding your passion then becomes about following your interests.

The best way to find your life’s work or passion is do whatever interests you.

Doing whatever you’re interested in allows you to collect many different skills and you grow and learn as you go along.

As you follow your interests your collection of skills will give you the ability to try other things.

Learning and growing, collecting knowledge and trying new things is what will lead you to your passion in life. It will take you to places you never expected or knew existed.


PS. Understanding what passion is on the most basic level is really important. Lots of people over think this stuff and never take action because they are unclear about what passion really is. Dont over think things, passion is simply an emotion of fun, excitement, desire that you experience when doing actives you enjoy.

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