Planning a Trip to NYC? Here is How to Do It As The New Yorkers Do

trip to NYC

So you’re thinking of a trip to the big apple? It is an amazing, multi-cultural city with a lot to do. You will have a great time. There are some things to think about when planning your trip, though. You want to make the most of it, so its a good idea to plan it out well. There are some things that you need to know too. With so many tourists around, you want to be able to ‘blend in’ a bit more with the locals. Here is what you should do:

The Grid System

A lot of cities in the US are based on a grid system. The streets aren’t all named as they are in somewhere like London. It works easier to know the cross streets of an address. For example, a store you want to visit could be at 12 Sixth Avenue. It makes it much easier to find it using the cross streets; that could be West 34th and West 35th. You can easily work out where you are when you go off this system. It will make it easier to ask for help too. New Yorkers will know the cross streets better.

trip to NYC

Travel around the City

There are taxis that you can take, but it will be cheaper to use the subway or the bus. You can get a metro card that allows you to use either the subway or the bus, in the 24 hour period. This is a great idea to get, depending on how much travel you plan on doing.

New Yorkers are used to getting a taxi and know how to do it. Don’t just stand on the side of the road and gently wave! You need to show that you want to hail a cab, or someone else will get it instead of you. If the light on the top of the cab is lit, then it is available. If it isn’t, then you need to look for another. Most cabs will take credit card, but its a good idea to have some cash with you.


There are so many NYC hotels to choose from. Think about the location you want to be in and then look from there. Do you want to be right in the action or would you prefer to be a little further out? The prices of hotels can vary hugely so take your time to research and find the best one for you. There are hostels available, or you could try a home exchange website. This can be a way of getting a great deal in an awesome location.

Eating Out

The chances are while you are away, that you will be eating out. There are so many great restaurants; it might get hard to choose where to eat! The most important thing to remember, though, is the tip. It is customary to tip at least 15%, but 20% is more common. If you are visiting from Europe, that will be a surprise to you, so make sure you’re aware. Double check your bill too, to make sure it hasn’t already been added.

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