Why You Arent Getting Results from Your Health and Fitness Regime

Fitness Regime

It can be very frustrating when you feel as if you spend hours in the gym and the kitchen trying to create your dream body, but don’t see significant results. There can be a few different reasons for this. Take a look at the following points and decide honestly whether any of them apply to you:

You’re Not Working Hard Enough

You might feel as if you spend hours in the gym, but are you using that time productively? Many people spend too long chatting in the gym. They go in without a plan, wondering what to do. Go in with a plan and try to keep your workout as intense and short as possible.

You’re Working Too Hard

On the opposite end of the spectrum, working too hard can be bad too. Your body could become fatigued, and could start using your muscle for energy instead of your fat. If you want to look lean and healthy, you need your muscle! Your workouts should be no longer than an hour, and you should have at least 1 day off per week to rest too. Rest is just as important as exercise!

You Aren’t Taking the Right Supplements

Supplements can seriously amplify the results we get. Green coffee bean max side effects are none existent, so you can feel confident taking them alongside your healthy lifestyle. However, other supplements aren’t as risk free. Make sure you do your research first.

You’re Eating Too Much

If you’re eating too much, even if the food is clean and healthy, you won’t shed fat and reveal the definition you’ve been building. It can be very easy to overeat. Put everything you consume into an app or diary, such as MyFitnessPal to help you get a better idea of how much you should be eating.

You’re Not Eating Enough

Undereating is not the way to get the body of your dreams. As well as making sure you don’t overeat, you need to make sure you don’t undereat. Everything you eat should support your workouts and keep you feeling full and nourished. If you undereat, your body will start eating away at your muscle, as mentioned before. You may become ‘skinny fat’, rather than ‘skinny fit’.

You’re Eating the Wrong Foods

Eating clean, healthy foods is essential if you want to reach your goals. Just because food is labelled ‘diet’, or ‘low fat’ doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Foods such as this will have a number of bad ingredients in them. You’re much better off eating full fat versions of food, as they will contain less ingredients. The less ingredients in a food source, the better. Fresh fruits, veg, and meat should be your best friend!

You’re Not Mixing Things Up

Keeping your diet and exercise regime the same for too long will mean you eventually hit a plateau. Mix things up every few weeks/months to make sure you’re shocking your body and achieving new things.

Use these pointers to change your regime, and you should notice a huge difference!

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